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Yoga Instructors

  • Veronica Brown

    Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga

    I never fully understood the power and potential classes can have until I did my first 200hr in 2018. I had been taking classes since I was a teenager but it was always just about stretching to me then. Learning the history of Yoga and breath work studies personally helped my life and I learned way more than what I expected going into it. I have been taking continuing education credit classes with my teacher, Selena Garefino, and have just recently finished my second 200hr with her as well. I specialize in Hatha-Vinyasa classes meaning, moving dynamically in and out of static poses. I have insufficient veins in my legs and I have found that this style of flow helps loosen up muscles and joints, letting energy flow through the body better. I also teach Yoga Nidra classes for a deep dive into meditation. All my classes start with breathwork and end with an optional meditation. I’d like to think that my classes are well-rounded, an experience that helps strengthen your “tool belt” for navigating the day-to-day.

  • Jen McCarter

    Slow Flow Yoga

    Jen has been working as a guide to healing for over 25 years. Starting as a wilderness guide for teens with addiction. She holds a Bachelors of Education in Family and Human Services from the University of Oregon. She has been a yoga practitioner for 30 years and an instructor for 10 years completing her 500hr training with Rolf Gates.   She is passionate about supporting people as they move through deep life change and find equanimity through their process.  Through her own inner work and thousands of hours of learning is able to coach others into their self healing process. Guiding them to their inner resources and the natural earth medicine that surrounds us all. She is grateful to all of her teachers and will be a student for life. She enjoys spending time in nature and with her family.

  • Michelle Levitus

    Slow Flow Yoga

    Yoga has been a consistent thread in my life since 2008, providing a steady foundation for facing both the challenges and joys of being human. In 2022, I completed a 200-hour teacher training with Kendra Potter. My intention as a teacher is to hold space for you to connect with your deepest Self and innate wisdom. I truly believe yoga and mindfulness have something to offer every body and aim to help students of all stages find balance, ease, and grounding both on and off their mat.

    My classes integrate pranayama (breath control practices), asana (physical postures), and breath awareness. I tend to offer a meditative pace to allow the yogis in the room an opportunity to slow down, steady the mind, and dive a little deeper. Props, modifications, and music are often incorporated.

  • Raegan Spratt

    Evening Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga

    Raegan’s journey with yoga began in 2016 while living in New York City. It anchored her while navigating a chaotic environment, and this still serves as her primary focus of the practice- finding and claiming a home space on the mat wherever or whatever life brings her. She continued to devote herself to yoga and to learning as much as possible during the following years after moving back to her hometown of Bozeman, Montana. She studied and practiced at Ekam yoga with Bailey Evans and Meesh Metcalf until traveling to Indonesia where she completed her 200 hours of training with Yoga East+West. She practices with deference to the masters who brought yoga into being, and seeks to embody the wisdom contained in the teachings. Her goal as a teacher is to facilitate an easeful, healing experience that leads people into deeper connection with their bodies.

  • Jessica Goodburn

    Pilates - Restoring Core, Glutes and Friends, Neck and Shoulders

    I have been teaching Pilates since 2008. What began as cross-training for dance performance became the tool I’ve turned to when I’m injured or any time my body needs extra care.

    I am certified through STOTT PILATES with continuing education in perinatal exercise, orthopedic injuries, and neurological conditions. The breath-work and deliberate movements of the Pilates method and its contemporary iterations are ideal to build awareness of small supportive muscles, such as the pelvic floor and inner core. In class, I use props to help support joints or challenge muscles so you can experience familiar movements in new ways.